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As a little girl, I was always expressive and eager to learn new and exciting ways to express myself creatively. I was surrounded by many different traditions and a mixture of cultures. Growing up as young black girl in Baltimore, MD exposed me to so many different food experiences. My family always played a key role in those experiences and that solidified the value I placed in things like camping adventures, cooking with my mother, grandmother and learning to fish from my grandfather. During these times, I could see how family meals would be the center of every gathering and celebration. I found food to be such an amazing, interesting, and even inspiring art because of how it would start as such simple ingredients and become something so much more complex. Food was something that brought the family together in a way that nothing else could. As I grew older and stepped into my own light, I began to realize just how much family, culture and traditions had shaped me to become the strong woman I am today. It was then that I decided to focus on nurturing that quality and doing everything I could to learn more about myself, my culture and where we'd come from. Now I'm  focused on sharing my love of food, wellness, culture and the art of life with the world. I’m extremely intentional about everything I create and I intend to help continue this journey that was started so long ago... 


Food is love.